Modernize the brand image to appeal to younger diners. CHALLANGE : With the long history of serving good Chinese food to the elderly, Sanyod aimed to modernize its brand image in order to attract younger diners. OUR APPROACH We focused on modernizing the brand image on its current Facebook by enhancing the content and the […]


Ziga, the top steel producer starts communicating directly with end users. CHALLANGE : Ziga decided to communicate directly with end users (Business to Customers) instead of communicating through its current distributors (Business to Business).  This direct communication can help make the brand “Ziga” strikingly attractive, not just merely perceived as metals and commodities. OUR APPROACH […]

Boost Fitness

Find out the brand’s differentiation and help it gain nationwide recognition. CHALLANGE : Boost Fitness has been established for 2 years in an attempt to provide members with premium service and cutting-edge fitness equipment in order to stand out of its competitors throughout Thailand.  However, this exceptional provision has not yet been well-recognized by its […]


The strong nationwide brand image of RAIMAIJON derived from the image of family business. CHALLANGE : Despite the family business background, RAIMAIJON strived to deliver the fresh sugarcane juice to consumers across the nation with the intention of improving local sugarcane growers’ life as well.  Initially, RAIMAIJON distributed its products off-line, but now it is […]


Brand perception really matters in the restaurant business. CHALLANGE : Over 130 years of PAUL’s brand image, young diners have perceived it as the classic restaurant for foreigners, business people, and the elderly.  However, PAUL planned to alter the diners’ perception through its on-going campaigns.  The campaigns include the promotion of food delivery and special […]

True 5G

CHALLANGE : TRUE wanted to spread the new 5G advertising slogan “COME TRUE” and be at the forefront of the telecommunications service in order to retain the current users, attract new ones, and gain credibility as a leading 5G service provider. TRUE wanted to spread the new 5G advertising slogan “COME TRUE” and be at […]


CHALLENGE : In an attempt to broaden the product range with Adhesive Mortar, TOA planned to launch this new product across the nation through various communication ads in order to get the best result. OUR APPROACH : We took a strategic approach to optimize the outcome by buying media advertising in key channel platforms (Facebook, […]


CHALLANGE : The off-line recruitment is a conventional method in most life assurance companies. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the AIA RCP still prepared for a continuous growth and believed in the efficiency of digital marketing that could help it stand out as a leading organization in the life assurance industry. In that regard, the AIA […]


DETERGENT CHALLENGE Consumers were confused about the fabric conditioner of the COMFORTbrand. They were not quite clear about the actual benefits even thoughthis product had been launched for 2 years. OUR APPROACH We developed an integrated O2O communication system and launched a campaign to promote the involvement of consumers, increase their awareness and interest, and […]


CHALLANGE KMA would like to introduce its limited edition of lipsticks and improve their image as having fun, being active, and being inspired in order to pique the younger generation’s interest. OUR APPROACH We came up with an idea of developing a key communication system that could enhance the way the lipsticks look to younger […]